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The Unsinkable Legend!

Boston Whaler has delivered for decades what no other boat can. When boats were expected simply to float, Boston Whaler proved they could be unsinkable. Where most fishing boats lack comfort, and most pleasure boats lack fishing features, Boston Whaler proves you can have both at the most premium level. No matter what initially pulls you to the water—fishing, cruising or watersports—your Whaler will draw you back over and over again.

With a proud history more than 50 years strong, Boston Whaler continues to deliver on the promise of unsinkability and so much more. Today’s Boston Whalers — every Super Sport, Montauk®, Vantage®, Dauntless®, Outrage® and Conquest® model — empower boaters to enjoy the water on their own terms and with complete confidence. Truly there is a Whaler for every stripe of fisherman, every cut of boater. Inshore and offshore fishing, pleasure cruising and watersports, dinghy duty and mega-yacht tender services, all are made possible by cutting-edge, purpose-driven design and incredible attention to detail. You’ll find in Boston Whaler an unsurpassed level of versatility, reliability and comfort, all in the name of eliminating hassle and elevating enjoyment. And once you own a Whaler, you gain automatic membership to a proud, global boating community.

Boston Whaler now offers boats ranging from 11 to 42 feet, with a lineup that culminates in the 420 Outrage, fresh out of the gates and already a legend in its own right. True to founder Richard Fisher’s vision, Whaler has consistently pushed the envelope, featuring advances in manufacturing, design, navigation and propulsion technologies that are ahead of the pack. The 420 Outrage continues this trajectory with a remarkable array of breakthroughs that bring the future squarely into the present. Today’s Whaler is ever more precise, ever more fun to drive. Always maintaining an intimacy with and a respect for the water. Always a standout in the sea of competitors. And, naturally, always unsinkable.

Sport/Tender/Super Sport
110 Sport
110 Tender
130 Super Sport
150 Super Sport
170 Super Sport

150 Montauk
170 Montauk
190 Montauk
210 Montauk

170 Dauntless
180 Dauntless
210 Dauntless
240 Dauntless
270 Dauntless

285 Conquest
285 Pilothouse
315 Conquest
315 Pilothouse
345 Conquest
345 Pilothouse

190 Outrage
220 Outrage
250 Outrage
330 Outrage
350 Outrage
370 Outrage
420 Outrage

230 Vantage
270 Vantage
320 Vantage