What’s beneath your passion?

With both feet planted firmly on the Striper deck, you lean back against the fish. He’s nearly spooled you twice, but that won’t happen again. You’re in charge. His sides flash like precious metal just feet beneath the V Trac hull. Your buddy readies the gaff. He has already opened the fish box door. You’ll be eating like kings tonight.

Striper is the brand of choice for astute big-water anglers who appreciate innovative features, solid on-water performance and a good value. They seek no-fuss fishing platforms in boats known for their range, great exterior styling and rugged construction.

Striper delivers an honest, unpretentious fishing experience for fishermen who don’t need to tell stories.

The magic of saltwater fishing is the unknown. Where will instinct, fate and sheer drive lead you each day? What monsters dwell beneath? Which will strike? We understand the lure and lore of the big water, because it speaks the language we were born to understand. It’s your calling. And it’s ours too.

Watch Stripers In Action

Can’t decide which is better? Want to see how they ride? Or just want to see a cool boat video? Check out all our boats in motion. After that, you’ll be ready to hop in and seek your next catch.

Ready To Demo Your Striper?

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