Jason Clemons

Everything that Clemons Boats is and all we have done is due to all of these great employees and all of the great people before them. My Grandfather Bob started Clemons Boats in 1966 and put all he had into this place, even as far as sleeping here on many occasions.

My father and uncle then poured a ton of love and effort into this business before passing it to me and it took all of these people to get us to where we are!

Thanks to everyone who has helped us along this journey including family, friends, employees, vendors, and of course CUSTOMERS!

Jon Burroughs

Jon is our sales manager and has taken over this role as we grow as a dealership in stride! Jon has many years of experience in this industry.  He not only manages the sales department, but he also sells plenty of boats and takes care of a lot of past customers.

Bart Barnes

Bart Barnes came to us as a technician, and ran our rental department for a year before finding his passion in boat sales, and has been making boaters dreams come true for 7 years!

Bart has an extensive background in boating from operations to technical know-how and has spent plenty of time on the water in our area. Bart has a vast knowledge of the Lake and can help you find all the local hotspots while out on your boat.

Bart is very friendly, and will treat you like family from the moment you stop in to shop all the way through the process!

Steve Carlson

Steve Carlson has joined the team as a life long Lake Erie boater & fisherman bringing 10+ years experience selling premium boats locally to a customer base that extends from the local area throughout the entire Great Lakes Region as well as international clients.

Steve’s passion is Great Lakes & Saltwater fishing and he looks forward to sharing his experience to help guide you in evaluating and rigging your family’s next boat!

    Leslie Bott

    Leslie is our business manager, and she comes with a very extensive banking background which really helps her relay banking information AND get you the best deal possible!

    Leslie also helps out with many other tasks at the dealership and is always very warm and friendly to talk to.

    We are glad to have Leslie on our growing team!

      Emily Blackburn

      Emily has the title of book keeper, but her position would be best described by one word, and that is glue!

      Emily is the glue that holds the dealership from falling apart on a lot of levels. From every minor detail, to lots of big ones, Emily is extremely accurate and makes sure to dot the I’s and cross the T’s for everyone here.

      Emily is invaluable to our team, and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without her!

        Brian Sejd

        Brian is our hard working Parts Manager, and also handles a lot of service overflow!

        He does everything from answering phones, to writing works orders, to stocking shelves, to calling customers, to shipping orders…you get the idea!

        Brian is very accurate in his work and likes to ensure things are handled for anyone he is getting parts for. On top of the above Brian puts in as many hours as anyone here, and never complains, he just wants to do his best which is a great asset!

          Ryan Mizener

          Ryan has done a few different jobs here at Clemons Boats, has settled into his role as technician and lead delivery captain!

          Ryan is in charge of ensuring your new or “new to you” boat is clean, and correct before delivery, and make sure you know how to run it before you take it home!

          Ryan is very versatile and that is a great asset to have!

            Ben Keller

            Ben started with us as an apprentice tech right out of Ehove technical school. We knew from the beginning that Ben was one of those people that just “get” all things mechanical!

            Ben is only 20 years old and is already Mercury and Yamaha certified and will be taking the master tests within a few years to be Master certified in his early twenties.

            Ben not only has great technical skills but also has a fantastic attitude and works as hard as anyone around!

              James Mosher

              Jimmy is one of those people that can just plain fix anything!

              If it is broke, you want Jimmy to be the one looking at it as he is fantastic at trouble-shooting and fixing anything from major mechanical repairs, to electrical issues, to the ever demanding software issues we are faced with today!

              Jimmy has 17 years of Marine Technical experience and is a certified technician on his way to being a master technician in both Yamaha and Mercury/Mercruiser!

              Jimmy always shows up, is very consistent, clean, and accurate. Jimmy is another invaluable employee to Clemons Boats!

                Mike Matusek

                Mike came to us in May of 2019, right in the heat of battle, to assist in service writing.

                That is a tough position, with a lot of pressure, and Mike has hung in there all season to ensure your boat is taken care of!

                Glad to have Mike grow with us.

                  Captain Ron

                  Ron has been with us for over 10 years, doing many different jobs.

                  Ron handles a lot of the boat moving, rentals, launches, pick ups, deliveries, and fall haul out duties.

                  Ron always shows up to work and puts his time in to assure the job gets done. Thanks Ron!

                    Susie Smith

                    Susie is another long-term employee with just under 20 years here at Clemons Boats!

                    Susie is our lead cleaner and she is the one who ensures your boat is immaculate for delivery. On top of the deliveries, Susie cleans all of our rental fleet, our inventory, our showroom, our shop…..you get the point!

                    Susie is a very hard worker and if she can’t get something clean, it can’t be cleaned! Your boat may never be as clean as it was after Susie cleaned it!

                      Craig Lyons

                      Craig came to us looking to grow his skill set and broaden his horizons in the boat business! Craig is very versatile and does not like to sit around, he likes to stay BUSY!

                      Craig handles all of our bottom painting and barrier coats, minor gel coat repair, buffing, waxing, engine maintenance, and everything in between!

                      Craig works very hard to ensure things are done correctly and puts a lot of pride into his job. Craig is a huge asset to our company, and we are glad to have him on board!

                        Melony Shortridge

                        Melony is a very hard working boat cleaner, and will do whatever it takes to ensure the job gets done!

                        Sometimes that means cleaning boats in 100 degrees outside all day, sometimes it means driving to Cleveland in the snow, and sometimes it means cleaning boats in the rain and wind!

                        Very glad to have Mel on our team!

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