Boaters safety is a must on the water!
Tuesday, Feb 10

If you have spent much time on the water, you realize this simple fact; Most people have no idea what they are doing! The amount of craziness you see on the water at times can be very disheartening. The method I have always lived by is similar to the way I drive a car. BE A DEFENSIVE DRIVER! If you assume that the average boater hasn’t a clue about boating safety, you are on the fast track to being safe yourself!
Every state has different rules and regulations on this topic. Ohio now has a rule on passing a test, but people born before January 1st 1982 can still boat at will without any course being taken. Scary huh? There are different rules for boating or PWC use and some are age banded. Please see the following link to study what Ohio law is:
If you are required to take a course you have a few different options. You can take an online course, or chose between different classroom courses. I strongly suggest that new boaters take the classroom version of the course. They make a course called Americas Boating course, that is a great course and is sufficient for Ohios requirements. will show you all the details of the course. Even if you are a seasoned boater, taking a course can never hurt to freshen up your knowledge!
We believe strongly enough in training that we are going to have a two weekend training course at our dealership in March! We will have the Power Squadron set up class in our showroom to teach you the rules of the water and we will supply food and beverages to refuel! We want everyone to enjoy the water safely and know the rules of the water, so give our Facebook page a “like” and check back for dates and times:
Please take your time on the water seriously, and make sure you KNOW the rules! Having a great day on the water spoiled by an issue isn’t the way you want to spend your free time is it?
See you on the water,

Jason Clemons

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