Clemons Boats Customer Profile: The Hendricks Family
Monday, Jul 06

I am sorry for the slacking on the customer profiles, but we have been super busy and time has been hard to find! I plan to be back on top of this for the remainder of the year so we can all get to know one another better. On that note, if you are a Clemons customer and want to be featured, please let me know! Today’s profile will be on Scott and Angela Hendricks. The Hendricks rented a tritoon from us a few times and then decided that owning one was their best bet! I interviewed Scott, and this is what he had to say:
Names: Scott & Angela Hendricks
Hometown: Brunswick Oh.
Where do you boat: Marblehead, Lake Erie
Number of boats owned: 1
Models of boats owned:1
Current boat owned: Bennington 2375 GCW with a Yamaha 150HP 4-stroke
The Hendricks current boat
Reason for buying current boat: Family Fun and memories.
Best thing about current boat: Its versatility
What you wish your current boat had that it doesn’t: Refrigerator, grill
Favorite water activity: Tubing, cruising
Years of boating experience: 1
Where do you like to boat: Marblehead area
Favorite on the water hang out spot: Sandbar

Jason: “Scott, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for me!”
Scott: “My pleasure Jason.”
Jason: “How have you been enjoying your Benny so far?”
Scott: “It’s been absolutely great , its everything we expected and more.”
Jason: “I am glad to hear that! I must say that our Bennington Tritoon owners always comment on how the boat will do more than they ever expected. It is something you have to try to appreciate! The weather certainly hasn’t helped the boating at all, it has been a rough beginning to summer!”
Scott: “No it hasn’t, I keep thinking it’s my fault for buying the boat! The July 4th weekend was just Great though. Hope the rest of the weekends stay as nice.”
Jason: “That would be a good thing, lets hope we have a late summer! Two Nor-easters in 3 weeks?! How did the boat handle it? Did you have to do anything to help it out or just keep an eye on it?”
Scott: “Unbelievable! Never seen anything like that. Boat did great at the dock, just went down every couple hours to check on it.”
Jason: “Any neighbors have any issues? We had one sailboat that had the cleat ripped right out, but our marina handled it really well. Having floating docks really helps.”
Scott: “Not that I could tell. Resort down from us looked like their docks might have taken some damage. I Could not believe all the flooding. I see your house had a nice lake front addition. Hope you did not have any issues.”
Jason: “I referred to it as LAKE CLEMONS! At least it helped to cover up the fact that I am too busy to mow! HAHAHAHAHAHA. We were high and dry at the house thankfully, sure am glad we don’t have a basement though! So in the times that you have gotten out, what has been your favorite memory so far?”
Scott: “Fishing off of Kelly’s when my Son caught a nice walleye. I would say about 30″! Going to the sandbar with the Grand kids on the 4th, and a night cruise to watch Cedar Points fireworks.”
Scott’s son with his trophy Walleye
Jason: ” That’s a dandy! Seems that you love the boat, but what is one thing you would change if you could?”
Scott: “Hard to say, the Benny has been great. Maybe the fish finder, Teak flooring.”
Jason: “We take trades, HAHAHAHAHA!!! I see above that you said you’d like a grill and fridge as well? They do make a bar model, but you would lose those awesome rear loungers! A grill can be added to yours now, just so you know! Have you been caught in any nasty seas with the Benny yet? How did it handle it?”
Scott: “Not really, 2-3 footers, and some pretty good wakes. Just amazed on how it goes right over it! We were anchored out by the Lighthouse one day fishing and watching the other boats roll as the wakes passed by, and ours handled it just great. My buddy that has a 23′ Sea ray could not believe how it handles the waves and wakes.”
Jason: “It really is something you have to experience to appreciate, that is for sure. What is it about the sandbar that you enjoy so much?”
Scott: The grand kids have a great time swimming, and we met some great people with other toons, mostly older pontoons. They loved the Benny! I did a lot of walk arounds with it and had people get on it. Really talked you guys up. Need to get some of your cards to keep on the boat. I’ll only take a 2% commission on each sale, HAHA!”
Nothing like a little relaxation at the sandbar!
Me: “Ill give you an entire stack and we can negotiate a fair finders fee!!!!! How was your 4th of July? The fireworks were pretty amazing this year!”
Scott: It was just outstanding! We watched the Bay Point fireworks on the 3rd from the boat at the dock, and went out on a night cruise to watch the Cedar Point fireworks on the 4th. That was great! We could see Johnson Island’s, Lakeside’s and others at the same time. What a way to see fireworks.”
Jason: “That’s what it is all about! You have about 20 hours on the Benny already right? That isn’t too bad, I love seeing people actually use the boats!”
Scott: “I would say about 25 now after the 4th. I bet it would have more if not for the weather.
Jason: “The weather has not been good but 25 hours is great! I know many people who don’t put that many on their boats the entire season…some more than one season! Have you done much fishing this year? How has it been other than the big walleye? I haven’t even bought a license yet!”
Scott: “Just a couple times. Weather has not been the best for fishing.”
Jason: “Thanks again for taking the time to talk with me today Scott, I appreciate it! Hopefully everyone can meet each other at our event and get to know each other better!”
Scott: “No, thank you Jason. Can’t wait to meet up with other Benny owners for a great time.”
Jason: “Should be a good time, we will have details shortly. I’ll see you later this week, have a great day!”
The Hendricks with friends on the maiden voyage!
Thanks for reading today and getting to know another one of our great customers. Again, if you would like to be featured in our customer profile series, just shoot me and email and we will get it started! I am also open to doing this by video, if anyone wants to go that route. Everyone have a great week, until next time…
See you on the water,

Jason Clemons

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