Clemons Boats Customer Profile – The Lill Family
Saturday, Mar 19

Welcome to our first customer profile for 2016! This weeks customer profile is on the Lill family who we have been doing business with for about 10 years. We talked to Aj for this interview but their entire family likes to boat, and they couldn’t be better customers! I hope you enjoy learning about the Lill family…and be sure to let us know if you would like to be featured in a Clemons Boats customer profile, so people can get to know you!


     Now that’s the life!

Names:  AJ, Rachel, and “Addy”  Lill

         Now that’s and adorable new boater!!!

Hometown:  Sandusky, Ohio
Where do you boat:  Sandusky Bay & Lake Erie between CP & islands
Number of boats owned: 2
Models of boats owned:  19 ft Bayliner & Bennington 21slx
Current boat owned:  Bennington 21slx

     The Lill’s Bennington 21SLX at the Sandbar

Reason for buying current boat: We wanted something that handled the Lake Erie trough very well to get more boating time. And we sure did!
Best thing about current boat: Completely a family friendly boat. The comfort of the ride. It’s honestly like having a living room on the water.
What you wish your current boat had that it doesn’t: Absolutely, positively nothing! Couldn’t be happier with this boat.
Favorite water activity:  Being with our family & taking the boat to the beach or sand bar & pulling it right up on the beach!
Years of boating experience: 9
Favorite on the water hang out spot: The sand bar


Jason: “Aj, thanks for taking the time out to chat with me today!”
AJ: “No problem. “Always good to catch up with you and talk boats”
Jason: “Glad to hear it! This early warm up probably has you and the family fired up about boating huh?!”
AJ: “Absolutely, we can’t wait to get back out on the water!”
Jason: “You guys keep your boat in a boat house all year round don’t you?”
AJ: “Yes we do.”
Jason: ” How do you like that versatility of that? Sure makes it easy!”
AJ: “It’s amazing! Lower a lift and out you go. Pull right back in and raise it out and out and you go. It’s as simple as using my car!”
Jason: “Thats awesome, sure helps keep them clean too! You also have a great shot right out of your channel to Cedar Point, the Sand Bar, and Quaker steak…pretty sweet location.”
AJ: “Yes, can’t beat the location. Right in the middle of it all. So many dinner & beach options within a matter of minutes.”
Jason: “The Sandusky Bay is really taking off with new spots, and I am glad to see it! I know you guys love the sandbar, what does your typical day out there look like?”
AJ: “Yes, the sandbar is our favorite spot. Load up the family and we pull the Bennington right on the sandbar never getting your feet wet if you didn’t want too. We pack a lunch, some cold drinks & toss the football, good conversation and just relax staring at the beautiful views of the one and cedar point.”


          This is what the water is all about!

Jason: “We live in an incredible place Aj! Crazy to think of how many people live here and don’t take advantage of it. How does Addy like the new Bennington? I love seeing you guys all together a s a family on the water!”
AJ: “She absolutely loves the new boat! She loves the spacious and comfortable seating and carpet. She also loves pretending to drive. When anchored she loves running and jumping into the water!”

  Learning how to drive!

Jason: “She is such a cutie pie! I know a lot of people will say that these are great for the Sandusky Bay, but you cant take one on these Tritoons out on Lake Erie!…what would you have to say to that?”
AJ: “People are really missing out on the smoothest most comfortable ride out there. You don’t get a drop of water splashed up on you during the ride. There’s no bumpy ride per say on a Bennington.  You slice right through 2-3 footers!”
Jason: “Amazes me every time! How far have you ventured out so far in your new Benny?”
AJ: “Kelleys Island but plan on venturing out much more this year.”
Jason: “Oh for sure, you have lots of exploring to do! What is your favorite on the water restaurant to frequent?”
AJ: “West Bay”

    Aj and Addy at Westbay for their first visit!

Jason: “That my favorite too, the sunsets there are INCREDIBLE! I don’t want to take up too much more of your time here, but one last question. Would you be interested in joining a Lake Erie Tritoon club if we can get enough interest? It sure would be neat to see a line-up of 20+ Tritoons in a row crossing the lake!”
AJ: “Most definitely!”
Jason: “Thanks again for taking the time out of your day to chat with me and thanks again to you guys for the continued business and confidence, it means a lot to us!
AJ: “Thank you, Jason. Couldn’t ask for a better company & customer service than what Clemons Boats offers.”
Jason: “It is truly appreciated Aj. We own it all to our great customers and employees! Have a great weekend!”
Thanks for reading today….and until next time…
See you on the water,

Jason Clemons

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