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Thursday, May 12



Thanks for tuning into this weeks customer profile! This weeks profile will be on a pair of retired teachers, the Wargas. We hope you enjoy reading this short blog and getting to know another great Clemons Boats customer!


Names: Dave and Jill Warga

Dave and Jill enjoying some beautiful weather!

Hometown: Port Clinton, Ohio
Where do you boat: Around the Lake Erie Islands
Number of boats owned: 1
Models of boats owned:  Well…actually Jill had a 12ft snark sailboat as a teenager…lol! And a 235 Sea Hunt
Current boat owned: 235 Seahunt Escape

The Wargas in their 2015 Sea Hunt 235 Escape!

Reason for buying current boat: We live on Put in Bay during the summer and have lots of opportunities for pleasure boating with all the other islands so close. We have been very lucky to have had friends with boats . We really enjoyed our time on the lake and decided we should get one of our own. Though… We really didn’t plan on a new one! However, after trying a few boats out it became clear this was the boat for us!
Best thing about current boat: This boat has the best ride! It is smooth and comfortable no matter where you sit.

Dave handling some big chop out on Lake Erie with ease!

What you wish your current boat had that it doesn’t:  An adjustable height on the captains seat.
Favorite water activity: Swimming out in the middle of the lake…using the dive door of course!
Years of boating experience: 1 year with our own boat… Numerous years on other peoples boats.

Dave putting the dive door to use!

Favorite on the water hang out spot: Kellys beach

Dave and Jill with daughter Jessica at Kelly’s island


Jason: “Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedules to talk with
me today guys!”
Dave:  “My pleasure”
Jason:  ” Is this weather ever going to allow for some boating?!”
Dave: “I am hoping that mother nature is getting all of the bad weather out of her system now so the summer is a stellar boating season.”
Jason: ” I hope you are right!!! Summer will get here eventually. From the looks of your Facebook
page, you at least got out a little this past weekend?”

Jill taking over at the helm!

Dave: “Yes…We took her out for a mothers day ride with the family around the Sandusky bay and out to the Marblehead lighthouse…it was a wonderful first day out in 2016.”
Jason: ” Weather was great! Was it liking riding a bike???”
Dave: “Pretty much except for the docking… That’s a little rusty.”

Jill with grandson Bryce, the junior captain!

Jason: “That’s always the hardest part! I don’t remember the exact day you got the boat last year, but I do
remember a certain northeaster?!”
Dave:  “May 29th we took it over to our dock on Put in Bay…May 31st was the unbelievable noreaster…”
Jason:  “I believe it was the day after your retirement party right? And then a small disaster!”
Dave: ” Two days later…it blew…and caused $7000 worth of damage to our brand new boat!”
Jason: “OUCH! I remember that weekend well. We had panicked customers all over the Lake and lots of damage.  Good thing you got that trailer now, that won’t happen again!”
Dave: “I’m hoping there will be no need to use it this year but at least it we have one this year so we can take the boat out if the weather freaks out again!”

Jill with retired teacher friend  Melba Lazano!

Jason: ” Now that you are prepared it won’t happen…that’s how life works! How long have you guys had a place on PIB?”
Dave: “This will be our 11th year”
Jason:  “Wow, that’s awesome! You guys do rentals over there right?”
Dave: “Yes…we have a house that sleeps 12 that is a vacation rental, Casual Cape and Guest House”

The Wargas with Cliff and Christie Fulton headed to Middle bass for Pizza and drinks!

Jason “Is that what made you decide to buy a boat? This is your first boat right?”
Dave: “This is our first boat together…Jill had a 12 foot snark sailboat as a teenager…if that counts!”
Jason: ” We will count it! What do you like most about the Sea Hunt you guys got? What do you do like the most with the boat?”
Dave: “We really enjoy the smooth ride…it handles the lake really well. It is a dual console so we have a lot of open space. We never feel crowded. It is great for island hopping and enjoying the lake. We love to visit all the islands even if only for a quick lunch. We also love riding along the west shore of Pib during the sunset..,just beautiful!”
Jason: ” Now that you’re both retired from teaching, you should have plenty of time to boat! I love the name on the side!!!!”
Dave: “We get a lot of reactions from people as we pass through the pib harbor…pretty clear we are retired school teachers!”

Free at last!!!!!

Jason: “I bet, Jerry Davenport did a great job on the name for you! Lets hope we don’t get two big storms again this season! This weather certainly isn’t looking good right now..we need to kick this season off!”
Dave: “We are ready to get this boating season going. It would be nice to have a few warm sunny days!”

Beautiful PIB sunset!

Jason: ” It’ll all come together…we are pretty spoiled with where we live.
If we have to deal with some bad weather, that’s ok with me!”
Dave: “I think we had enough bad weather …bring on summer!”
Jason: ” AGREED!  Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today! I hope to see you guys at our events this year.”
Dave: “We plan to make them all! They are always so much fun. You all really go all out to make these events special.”
Jason ” We do our best! Big plans for some of them this year and it should be a blast! Thanks again, and enjoy that new toy!”
Dave: “Thank you for making our boating experience so pleasurable!”
Jason: “That’s what we are here to do Dave! Talk to you soon.”

Dave with fellow Clemons Boats customer Roger Rhoad!

I hope you enjoyed all of these great pictures and getting to know another Clemons Boats customer! As always, if you would like to be featured in a Clemons Customer Profile, please let us know and we will be glad to make it happen! Spring has sprung around here and we are excited to get everyone’s toys back to them for the Summer! Lets all pray for some warmer weather and sunny skies! until next time…

See you on the water,

Jason Clemons

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