Dual Consoles on Lake Erie are Gaining Momentum!
Thursday, May 07

Mr. and Mrs. Warga on their new Sea Hunt 235 Escape!
Wargas boat
It is May here in Ohio and that can only mean one thing…it is time to hit the lake! Maybe it is time for a new boat? There are tons of brands, models, and sizes available to you, so how do you decide what to get? We just had the 2015 CIC Boat Show last weekend and I couldn’t help but notice a trend. We have been noticing for years that bigger and bigger “day boats” were coming to market and we were seeing more out on the water. It seems as though more people are moving towards the water and buying days boats instead of sleeping on their cruisers, and if you were at the show this past weekend I think you noticed the amount of large day boats there!
When I say day boats, I simply mean a boat without a cabin or with a hybrid cabin used mainly for….you guessed it…day boating! This could be anything from a bigger Bow-rider to a large center console. At Clemons Boats, we have seen a large increase in Dual Console, Bow-rider, and Center Console sales coming from all brands we sell. Out of these, it seems that the Dual Console boat is really gaining momentum. I think there are a few reasons for that.
What is a dual console? A dual console is basically an outboard powered “bow-rider” with a split windshield, big water hull, finished fiberglass deck, fishing features, and more! For Lake Erie, it seems that dual consoles are like a Swiss army knife…they do it all! Dual consoles are very versatile which makes them an incredible family boat. Whether you want to fish, ski, wake-board, tube, entertain, or just relax…a dual console can do it all! Here are a few of the reasons why I believe the uptick in dual console sales has happened in our market and why you may want to look at them for your own use.
vantage seats
A big reason for this increase is seating space! Most dual consoles have an open design with lots of comfortable seating. It seems as though our customers want capacity and seating comfort while out on the big lake. Center consoles also provide plenty of space and many brands today include lots of plush seating and day boating features, but they can lack the next big plus of a dual console….
vantage enclosure
This is another reason I believe the Dual Console market has gotten so popular! Lake Erie can be rough, nasty, and wet so having a boat with a windshield and an enclosure is great. You can do this on many boats, but dual consoles just make this process a bit easier. You already have a split windshield and all you need is a bow cover, and an enclosure for your bimini or hardtop and you are warm and dry! But Jason, all bow-riders do that! They do, but this next point is a major reason for the uptick in dual console sales on Lake Erie…
bow flare
Most dual consoles have a hull that looks like a center console hull. This affords a much better ride than your typical bow-rider style boat. This is a major reason why dual console sales are on the rise on the rough water of Lake Erie! The difference in ride between a 23ft bow-rider and a 23 foot dual console is far different and sometimes not even a fair comparison. This now means that you have a ton of comfortable seats, lots of protection from the elements, and a great ride. But wait…there’s more!
We are now seeing lots of brands come out with outboard powered bow-riders due to the ease of maintenance, quietness, and salt water application. This is a great thing, but as I said above, the ride is far superior on a dual console hull! We sell plenty of inboard/outboard powered boats and they most definitely have their place but there are lots of people looking for outboard power these days! Our customers always seemed to like the extended seasons they get with outboards but they didn’t like the emissions and noise of them! Once the outboard manufacturers made outboards quiet, clean burning, fuel efficient, and powerful it has really changed the boating world. If you have been out on a boat with a new 4-stroke outboard, you know exactly what I am talking about. There could be an entire blog written just on these advances alone!
So we have talked about a few of the reasons why dual consoles might be gaining popularity on Lake Erie. To put all of this together, I think the following sums it all up: If you own a dual console you can boat in fresh or salt water, rivers or inland lakes, or great lakes with big seas. You can boat when it is warm or cold. You can boat in the rain or rough weather and stay dry and comfortable. You can salt water fish, bass fish, walleye fish, perch fish, etc. You can pull a tuber or skier. You can cruise over to an island for dinner. You can hold plenty of people in comfort. You can wash it down with a hose. It is self bailing. You can have snap in carpet for non-fishing days. You can dive and swim. You can do it all!
The moral of the story is a dual console can do about anything boating related, and that is why they are gaining such popularity! These are boats that you can go on a morning fishing trip in, a mid day swim, tube for a few hours, and then head to islands for dinner! All while holding plenty of people, and taking Lake Erie chop with ease. Dual consoles are being built from 18ft all the way to nearly 40ft now, and it is no wonder…they are the most versatile boat on the lake! Do yourself a favor if you are in the market for a new boat, check out some dual consoles!
Let us know if you have any questions on the dual consoles we sell, we would love to help! Until next time….
See you on the water,

Jason Clemons

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