Hidden Beach Bar, a Local Gem!
Friday, Feb 20

HBB Outside
Most boaters have one thing in common other than owning boats; They love a cold drink and some great food on the water! With my hectic summer schedule I do not get near as much time to boat and dine as I would like, but when I do I prefer it to be an exceptional experience! That is what I get when I go to Hidden Beach Bar…HBB for short! HBB is a new bar and grill along the shores of Lake Erie at Shrocks Marina in Marblehead Ohio. They have high quality food and drinks and the view is amazing! Plenty of transient docks to pull up to and a great staff to take care of you well while you are there.
HBB is owned by Jake and Emily Dunfee who also own Shrocks Marina and Rescue Marine. They are great local people who understand boats, boaters, and the boating lifestyle! If there is anyone I know who “lives” boating more than myself, they would be it! If you are cruising the area, make sure and stop at HBB, you’ll be glad you did. Check out my short “interview” with Jake Dunfee, owner of HBB.
ME: “So Jake, I love the new place…what made you decide to start a bar and grille? It is my go to waterfront bar and grille now!”
JAKE: “Thats awesome, thanks! Well, we envisioned a casual, waterfront bar and grill soon after closing on their purchase of Shrock’s Marina back in August 2012. After two years of planning and several months of construction the Hidden Beach Bar opened on June 1, 2014. We felt the local area needed a refreshing new Bar and Grille with easy access from the Lake and in close proximity to the beach, Islands, and attractions. I think we accomplished that with HBB. Many guests inquire about the bar’s name. Shock’s Marina is located at the northern end of Hidden Beach Road here in Marblehead. Many years ago there was a camp for girls next door. The campers would enjoy the small beach between Shrock’s Marina and what is now Blue Water Condominiums, they called it ‘Hidden Beach’.”
ME: “HBB has a very unique set-up, can you tell me about it?”
JAKE: Three of the walls at Hidden Beach Bar are glass garage doors that are left open when the weather is great, and can be closed without losing our excellent view when the weather turns sour. There is seating inside for twenty-four guests, and seating outside along our harbor for more than fifty additional guests.
ME: “One of the coolest things about the set up for me is all of the awesome stuff that is on the bar itself, from all of the local boating enthusiasts. Can you tell me how you came up with that idea, and how you made your actual bar?”
JAKE: “Thank you Jason – the bar and nearby boat table are personal favorites of mine. We thought that sharing photos and ads from present day and the past would be fun for our guests to enjoy. Each seat inside the bar has different material under the bar top – many of these items have a story as well. Under the epoxy decoupage our guests can see charts, boat ads from the 1950’s through 2014, and an assortment of photographs from Shrock’s Marina and the local area.
Me: “I love it, lots of history! So what is the biggest draw to HBB food wise? I know everything I have had is great including the calamari, yellow perch, burgers, fries….everything!”
JAKE: “Ohio caught Lake Erie Yellow Perch at the Hidden Beach Bar can be enjoyed as a sandwich on a brioche bun, in a basket, or with a cup of our signature Perch Chowder. Perch Sandwiches and Perch Baskets come with a choice of french fries or potato chips accompanied by a serving of our homemade Cole Slaw. Come to Hidden Beach Bar for the BEST Perch! Other popular items on our menu include our half-pound Angus Burger, Chicken Wings, Tacos, and our Lobster Roll. The menu and specials change, so we always recommend that our guests keep a close eye on our Facebook page.”
ME: “Man, I am on a low carb diet and it is February, maybe this topic wasn’t a good one to talk about!?!?! I am a gluten for punishment, so tell me about what kinds of drinks you guys serve.”
JAKE: “Behind our fully-stocked bar, guests enjoy our diverse selection of domestic, imported, and craft beers. Both red and white wines are available by the glass, or by the bottle. Every Wednesday we feature wine specials by the bottle! For cocktail drinkers the Hidden Beach Bar offers a full bar that can serve whatever our guests desire. Our frozen drink specials are very popular.”
ME: “Oh man, a Yellow Perch sandwich with fries and an ice cold Great Lakes Commodore Perry sure sounds good right about now!!!!!! When will guys be open again?!?!”
JAKE: “The Hidden Beach Bar is open everyday from May through mid-September! Follow our Facebook page to learn more about our specials and opening dates.”
ME: “Do you have to visit by boat or do you have parking available?”
Jake: “We have plenty of space to park your car and visit HBB. If the weather is too nasty to be out on the water or for whatever reason you can’t come by water, we would love to see you by car. Dockage here at Shrock’s Marina is free for Hidden Beach Bar patrons, call on marine channel 69 for docking assistance. We can be reached anytime by calling 419-798-4635.”
Me: “Jake, thanks for taking the time out to give me some info! Where can everyone get information on HBB?
JAKE: “Thank you Jason, look forward to seeing you down at HBB soon! Check out our website or Facebook page for more information!”
Hidden Beach Bar is a real gem, and I hope you will take the time to visit them this summer! Great people, great food, great drinks, and a great view! Can’t ask for much more than that can you? Until next time…
See you on the water,

Jason Clemons

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