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Wednesday, Mar 11

Berry walleye 2
For this installment of our Clemons Boats customer profile, we are featuring Glenn and Patti Berry from Valley City, Ohio! Glenn and Patti have been long standing customers and we always have a great time catching up as the years go by. We have formed a friendship that goes far beyond business and I am very grateful for that! I hope everyone enjoys getting to know the Berrys a little more!
Glenn Berry – Age 49
Patti Berry – Age 53
Daughter Nicole – Age 22

Berry Daughter
Hometown: Valley City, Ohio
Where do you boat out of: Catawba Is., Huron, Avon Lake, Rocky River
How long have you been boating: 40 Years
How many boats have you owned: 7
What boats have you owned: MFB, Larson, Wellcraft, Key West, Trophy (x3)

The Berrys current boat – “Big Trouble”
Big Trouble
Current boat likes/dislikes: 2008 Trophy 2352 Extended Hardtop – Best Lake Erie Boat I have ever owned. Would not change anything, but would add an auto pilot and a kicker motor.

Jason: “Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this with us, we appreciate it!”
Glenn: “My pleasure, always enjoy talking with you Jason. We have become friends over the years, not always an easy task for you when it comes to the “next new boat”. I believe I have finally gotten the perfect one though.”
Me: “Glenn, its always been an easy task. You guys have always been great to work with and I am glad we have been able to get together so many times! You guys have been long time customers and have bought several boats from us. How has your boating changed over the years?”
Glenn: “It has not really changed, has always been used strictly for fishing. Area has changed a little. We mostly fish the Islands at the present time.”
Me: “At the present time you better be on your snowmobile! HAHAHAHA Since you spend most of your time on the water fishing, tell me about your best day on the water. And don’t act like you don’t remember, everyone remembers their best day on the water!”
Glenn: “July 10, 2014…I was fishing by myself south of Kelley’s, and caught a 30″ 10# walleye. My wife and I rented a condominium in West Harbor for the week. Our grand kids came up for a couple days, and I asked to take off fishing for a few hours. Reason I know the date so well???? Patti let me fish the evening of our anniversary! They don’t make them like her anymore.”
Berry walleye
Me: “Oh man, that sounds like dog house material to me!!!! I must say, Patti is one of a kind, you did good!! I don’t remember the date of my “fish tale” but I certainly will never forget it. Sugar reef at about 2 hrs before dark, wind switched at the perfect time, 35 walleye with 2 guys in 2 hrs as fast as you could reel them in! It was cast out, count to 3 and set the hook. Reel in a walleye, sheephead, or catfish every cast. INSANE!”
GLENN: “You have told me that story. I will have to believe you…maybe.”
Me: I tell no lies! Do you have any favorite recipes for your catch?
GLENN: “Not really. I like them fried with seasoned bread crumbs or Drake’s. As age and cholesterol progresses, I seem to bake with lemon more often though.
Me: Oh goodness, don’t get me started on cholesterol. If you haven’t had them blackened, you need to try it!
Glenn: “I may have to check it out!”
ME: “You can thank me later! I know you dry store your boat, do you have any special tips on training a boat the size of your 2352 Trophy? That is a fairly large vessel to tow around.”
Glenn: “First, make sure the tow vehicle is of proper specs. Second, getting it onto the trailer(correctly) on windy days, by yourself, can be tough. Always nice to have a second set of hands.”
Me: “Yes, especially with that heavy of a boat! What is the biggest advantage to towing the boat in your opinion?”
GLENN: “Having options. We have taken our boat with us on a couple vacations. Also being able to follow the walleye as they move east is another nice option.”
Me: “You have had a lot of trailering experience, that can’t hurt! Since you spend your time fishing, what does Patti do while you are fishing or does she like to fish as well?”
Glenn: “She fishes right alongside me. Generally waits until late spring and summer though.”
Me: Yeah Patti is just like my Mom, COLD all the time! If it is below 80 she isn’t happy. Do you have any major lessons Lake Erie has taught you over the years that would help someone reading?
Glenn: “To me it is the most wonderful fishery in the country. It can also be a very unpredictable body of water. To all that enjoy spending time on the water, please be as prepared and safe as possible. It can get nasty in a hurry.”
Me: “Amen to that, you have to respect Lake Erie! What draws you to the boating lifestyle?”
Glenn: “I enjoy the serenity it brings. Also it is very sentimental because I started fishing Lake Erie with my father and grandfather fairly young. Boats, electronics, and techniques have all changed over the years, but it still boils down the chase for walleye and perch.”
Me: “So true, many changes but the feelings remain. I would like to see a Clemons Boats fishing tournament this season, would you be in on something like that?”
Glenn: “Definitely, you would have to have two classes though, trollers and drifters…or not???”
Me: “Glenn, I’m not sure on that? We probably would to keep it fair but it would be more about the fun and comradery than anything! Maybe end it with a fish fry? If we get enough interest I will work on it! Thanks a lot for the time Glenn, hope to see you and Patti soon!”
Glenn: “Again, always a pleasure Jason. Good luck in the upcoming season and best wishes to you and your family.”
I always enjoy chatting with Glenn and Patti! If you ever see “Big Trouble” out trolling around, be sure and say hi to the Berrys! How does a Clemons Boats sponsored fishing tournament sound? If anyone is interested, give me a shout! Until next time…
See you on the water,

Jason Clemons

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