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Monday, Mar 23

The Sirnas Cobalt 302 “Christina” sitting on their lift
Boat 2014 (1)
If this is your first time checking out our Clemons Boats customer profile, welcome! Our customer profile series is a way for us to let you know a little more about our customers and provide some great information that can come out in an interview format. We hope these provide value to our readers and that you find them informative, funny, and entertaining! This is also a great way for us to get ideas from our customers on how we can become a better dealership…our customers input is invaluable to us!
For this customer profile, we are featuring the Sirna family out of Cleveland and Johnson’s Island Ohio! I met the Sirna family at the Cleveland boat show in 2014 while they were boat shopping, I believe on a Friday evening. They are a wonderful family who own a successful family business in the Cleveland area. We have formed a great business relationship, and I have enjoyed the time we have had getting to know one another. I interviewed Tom Sirna for this blog, but they have a very large family that you may see out in their 30 foot Cobalt named “Christina” after Tom’s mother. Let’s get started learning about the Sirna family with this short Bio.
Tom cruising around Cedar Point Amusement Park
boat with Cedar Point behind
Names: By Families – Dad Sirna – (Serena and Danny Wagner, Heather and Jeff Novak and kids, Danny Wagner Jr)
(Patty and Tom Sirna, Natalie and Brad Riggs and kids, Andrea and Jared Brunk and kids, Anthony Sirna, Allie Sirna) (Irene and Vince Sirna , Nik Sirna , Kate Curtis, Emery Sirna )

Mr. Sirna at the helm
dad boat
How long you have been boating: I had boated 10 years, on an inland lake, but had taken 20 years off while our family built our business.
How many boats has your family owned: 2
What boat models you have owned: Sea ray/Cobalt
What you own now: Cobalt 302
Why do you own what you own now: We wanted a boat with maximum capacity for people due to a large family. Also something we felt safe in on Lake Erie.
Favorite thing about your current boat: How it handles on the Lake and capacity.
One thing you would change on your current boat in a perfect world: A way to keep the birds off the hardtop !!
What is the your favorite part of being on the water: Relaxing with family and friends!
What type of customer event would you like to see us do: Might be hard with so many customers on the lake at different times. Maybe a prize for best picture submitted on the lake boating !! Prize Maserati !!
Me: “Tom, thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to answer some questions for me and let everyone know more about the Sirnas!”
Tom Sirna: “No problem Jason. We are a forth generation family business. My father just turned 90 in January, he has 8 Great Grandsons, no girls yet. For the first time because of boating we are finding the time to spend weekends together!”
Me: “It can be hard to find time for sure, especially with such a large family like yours. How many in total?”
Tom Sirna: “26 and more on the way!”
Big family needs the space
kids on boat
Me: “WOW! I can see why a 30 foot Bow-rider fits the bill so well, you definitely need the space! How many people have you had on the boat at once?”
Tom Sirna: 12
Me: “You guys run a very successful company. How long have you guys been involved in the business?”
Tom Sirna: “We have been in the food industry going back to Chicago for almost 100 years. My brother and I started our current food service business 34 years ago!”
Me: “WOW, 100 years is unreal. You know, I read that most family businesses never make it to the second generation and only 3% make it to the third. That means you guys are doing something right! What exactly do you guys do in your family business?”
Tom Sirna: “We are perishable distributors of many food items, servicing every segment of the industry, and our biggest lines of products are produce and dairy!”
Me: “I have seen your trucks going down the highway before. I’m glad you can find time to boat! Boating is the best way to get away from the stresses of life, I do know that! As long as you can “forget” your cell at home…”
Tom Sirna: “While we try to leave the business behind when we boat we still find ourselves checking emails and looking at reports of the daily activities of the business. We are in a 24/7 high paced industry and one of the reasons to relax on the boat.
Beautiful sunset on the transom of “Christina”
Kids sunset
Me: “That is precisely what a boat is for, relaxation! There is something about being on a boat that gives you a “free” feeling. What did you guys enjoy doing most on the Cobalt for your first season?”
Tom sirna: “Just being able to take some weekends off to relax on the water. We had never done that before.”
Me: “I can only imagine that is true with running a business, now it is time to enjoy some of the fruits of your labor I would say! How many times did you get out on the Cobalt for the first season?”
Tom Sirna: “15-20 at least. We had great weather on the weekends!”
Me: “What made you decide to go with Cobalt over other brands?”
Tom Sirna: “Quality, design, and the accessories that came with the boat.”
Me: “They don’t call Cobalt the “Compromise Nothing” brand for no reason! What was your typical day on the water like?”
Tom Sirna: “Up early and going out to get a feel of the boat , depth of the lake, different conditions. Went to Kelly’s for lunch, Sandusky for breakfast, and some days dropped anchor at a sandy beach to just relax.”
The Sirnas out enjoying the water
family on boat
Me: “Sandusky has done a lot with their downtown area and the municipal marina there! Have you been to HBB yet over at Shrocks Marina? That is a great little place.”
Tom Sirna: “Actually we went to Sandusky for early breakfast dowtown. The HBB I don’t believe is open until lunch. The dock hands who come out when you pull up are very nice.”
Me: “HBB doesn’t have breakfast, but it is a great place! What drew you to Johnson’s Island for you summer destination?” See our blog on HBB here:
Tom Sirna: “It was just the right distance. Far enough to feel like you were getting away and yet close enough so you wanted to make the drive.”
Me: “You guys have a beautiful place over there, other than boating…what else do you guys do while up in the area?”
Tom Sirna: “We have found a few nice places to eat out on the water. Cooking out with beautiful sunsets. Having great fires in our fire pit. And of course a relaxing cocktail!”
Me: “Wait a minute…cocktails by the water? That never happens! I’ve been told you guys are quite the athletes on the basketball court as well! Do you guys play in a league?”
Tom Sirna: “First off who told you that? And we play in a league during the winter in Brecksville.”
Me: “Tom, a little birdie told me! He said that you guys can ball! We touched on this above, but what kind of event would you like to participate in this coming summer and why?”
Tom Sirna: “Maybe just have a spot to take the boat to enjoy some food and music.”
Me: “We get different ideas from all of these interviews! We will get something put together for this summer, and hopefully you guys can all attend! Tom, thanks again for the time in letting everyone get to know you and your family better, I know you are a busy man! I look forward to seeing you this Spring!”
Tom Sirna: “Can’t wait for the season to begin. One tough winter!!”
Me: “Give the family all my best please!”
Thanks again to Tom Sirna for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk with me. If you see the Sirnas out on “Christina”, say hello! A great family that I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and hope to get to know more over the coming years. Let me know in the comment section if you find these informative, and what else you would like me to cover! Thanks for reading, until next time….
See you on the water,

Jason Clemons

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