Weekly Compass – Meet the Kehoes
Wednesday, Mar 30

Thanks for reading this weeks customer profile! We hope everybody likes getting to know about other Clemons Boats customers. This weeks customer profile is on Bill and Lisa Kehoe, who boat out of Put-in-Bay! We met the Kehoe’s at the Cleveland Boast Show where they bought their current boat. Lets get to know the Kehoe’s!
Names: (Bill) Bill and Lisa Kehoe
Hometown:(Lisa)  Eaton Township, OH
Where do you boat:(Lisa)  Put In Bay and the surrounding Lake Erie Islands
Number of boats owned: (Bill) Lisa owned 2 boats prior to our marriage and I’ve owned 5 including the Sea Hunt.  You can add two jet skis to the fleet which we sold prior to purchasing the Sea Hunt because the way we ran them, it was just a matter of time before one of us was dead!
Models of boats owned: (Bill) Sweetwater and San Pan Pontoon boats for Lisa, 30’ & 23’ Wellcrafts, 205 Rinker and I started with a 1973 Dorsett Ski Bird in 1979
Current boat owned:(Lisa)  Sea Hunt 234 Ultra


                            Bill and Lisa’s gorgeous Sea Hunt 234 Ultra!

Reason for buying current boat: (Bill) We have a house on Put In Bay and wanted a Center Console to do our Island hopping.  The 30’ Wellcraft was like owning a 3rd house
Best thing about current boat:(Lisa)  Absolutely everything! Comfortable, easy to operate, exceptional ride, perfect size and gorgeous.  I can’t say enough about this beautiful boat. (Bill) Not to mention the World Class service from Clemons Boats!!
What you wish your current boat had that it doesn’t: (Lisa)  Endless Fuel LOL
Favorite water activity: (Lisa)  Just tooling around anywhere and beach glass hunting.
Years of boating experience: Lisa owned boats for 12 years, I bought my first boat in 1979 and have owned a boat ever since.  Prior to buying my first boat, my parents owned a boat at Bay Point where I spent my summers starting in 1969.
Favorite on the water hang out spot:(Lisa)   North Bass Island, Bay Point Sand Bar, anywhere actually.
Favorite waterfront restaurant:(Lisa)  Crew’s Nest PIB, Walleye’s NBI, Famous Dave’s Cedar Point


Jason: “Guys, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to talk with me today!”
Bill:  “I’m here for ya buddy!”  
Jason: “ Aren’t you salesman of the year or something at your company?”
Bill: “Yes, Territory Manager of the Year for a National Company, buying a new boat is a great motivator!”
Jason:  “Yes, bills always help keep the sales flowing!  Speaking of boys and their toys, don’t you own a plane as well?”
Bill:  “We do, a Piper Challenger.  We call him Charlie the Red Nosed Airplane!”


                                            Bill and Lisa on the plane!

Jason: “I see all of the pictures you post, that’s one heck of a way to get to the islands in a hurry! How long have you been flying for?”
Bill:  “I started flying in 1992 and bought our plane in 1999”
Jason: “ How much time does that save you every weekend?”
Bill:  “It takes us 15 to 20 minutes to get to PIB depending on winds, weather and if we’re trying to get in before a storm.  It takes us 15 minutes to get to the airport from our mainland home, total in-route 45 minutes door to door.  If we drive, it’s an hour to the ferry, wait in the ferry line with our vehicle (our dogs are spoiled) and the ferry ride.”
Jason: “They sound pretty spoiled!!!! What kind of dogs?”
Bill: “Alice the English Bulldog and Earl the Pug”
photo plane

                              The “pooches”!

Jason: “Do you guys do much fishing?”
Bill: “I use to go for walleye and perch but got away from it.  We’ve been talking about going again especially since we now have the perfect boat for it”
Jason: “Luckily you bought a boat that can do about everything but sleep on it…actually some canvas could fix that!!! We could fix you up with a camper enclosure and an air mattress!”
You:  “Shhhhhh, don’t give Lisa anymore ideas!”
Jason: “Tell me more about your favorite on the water hang out spot. What makes it so great?”

                          Bill and Lisa headed out for some fun!

Lisa: “You can anchor out in the water and walk right up to the beach.  Gives you the best of both worlds!”
Jason: “That sounds like FREEDOM to me. That is what boating is all about, freedom!”
Lisa:  “Being able to get out on the water with all the fresh air and enjoy the resources we are fortunate to have around us, plus getting away from the hustle and bustle let’s be honest, is so much fun and this Sea Hunt makes it even more fun!”
Jason: “Lisa, that is what it is all about. Boating is a great way to forget what is going on in life and just relax. The one place where most people can unplug from all the devices and slow down a bit, unless you are a boat salesman!!!! What do you guys think our area is missing as far as boating is concerned, that isn’t being capitalized on?”
Bill:  “That’s a tough one, we absolutely love the Western Basin of Lake Erie…if we could just get the algae issue under control…”
Jason: “We just got a pretty big grant for that, I believe. We will also be donating money to LEIA for research this year, so make sure and get to our event and do the raffle! We need to do all we can to ensure our kids grand-kids get to enjoy this resource as much as we do! ”
Lisa: “That is fantastic!  If every business was as dedicated to the lake as Clemons that would result in key assistance and effort to get the funding and effort focused on our “Great Lake.”  We will definitely be involved in that raffle whether we are in town or not.”
Jason: “I think our local business’ will all band together to help for sure. Did you make our customer event this past summer? I don’t remember if you made it there, we were busy!”
Bill: “Unfortunately we did not, it’s on a Sunday evening and we start early on Monday.  We’re hoping to make it this year…might have to take Monday off!”
Jason: “We will be doing another one this year with a few changes, I hope to see you take advantage of it! We will have the date soon for our 2nd annual Sunday Fun-day!
Bill:  “We really hope to see you there.”
Jason: “It is worth the day off. And it helps Lake Erie after all. We have some new ideas, but what sounds like fun to you? We are always looking at ideas for our customer events”
Lisa:  “Something for the kids, big and small!”
Jason:  “We have the big kids covered for sure! Good thought on the “actual” kids. We were lacking on that end of it last year. Thanks again for the time today and for letting everyone get to know you guys a bit better.”
Bill: “And thank you and your staff for a World Class buying experience.  Every person we have dealt with has been the ultimate professional!”
Jason: “We only have what we have because of our great customers guys! We owe all of our success to our customers and employees. We are forever grateful for the opportunity!”
See you on the water,

Jason Clemons

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