Weekly Compass – Meet The McLaughlins
Tuesday, Apr 26

This weeks customer profile is on the McLaughlin family! They currently own a Boston Whaler 220 Outrage and spend a lot of time on the water in it and their sailboat. If you see them out on the water, say hi!

The Whaler 220 Outrage getting ready to leave port!


Names:   Al and Mary McLaughlin
Hometown:      Hinckley, Ohio
Where do you boat:  Sandusky Bay and the Lake Erie Islands
Number of boats owned:  Ten different boats
Models of boats owned:   Six different racing and racing / cruising sailboats, Avon RIB and three different Boston Whalers: 2000 BW Dauntless 160, 2006 BW Outrage 190, 2014 BW Outrage 220
Current boat’s owned:   C&C 99 Sailboat, Laser class sailboat, Boston Whaler Outrage 220 with 250 HP Verado

The McLaughlins 220 Outrage

Reason for buying current boat:   Boston Whaler design, ride and quality.  Boston Whaler also has outstanding resale value.  Our last Whaler sold for the asking price in one day!
Best thing about current boat:   The Outrage 220 is a big 22 with lots of freeboard and rides great on the Lake Erie chop.
What you wish your current boat had that it doesn’t:  This boat does everything that we ask of it.  A Yeti cooler option to replace the Iglo would be nice.  Maybe a powder coated T Top option
Favorite water activity:    General cruising of the bay and islands.  We do some tubing and wakeboarding.
Years of boating experience:   35 years
Favorite on the water hang out spot:   Put in Bay and the Sandusky Bay sand bar near Marblehead

Kyle and friends in the bow off Cedar Point


Jason: “Al, thanks for taking the time out to talk boating with me today!”
Al: “No problem!”
Jason: “I know you had said you were having hip surgery? Have you had it?”
Al: “  I have now had double hip replacement surgery. One in October 2015 and one in April 2016″
Jason: “Hopefully that doesn’t affect your boating season?”
Al: “ I should be good to go this summer!”
Jason: “Luckily your 220 Outrage rides like a tank. That is one of the best 22 footers Ive ever been on for this lake. I took the family to Kellys Island once in a 220 Outrage in 3-4 fters at 25 mph and we never hit the throttle to slow down. Everyone was impressed!”

Al at the helm!

Al: “ We have had the boat all over the bay and the islands”
Jason: “I know you are a sailboater as well, what made you decide to get into power boats?”
Al: “  We have always been sailboat racers. Mary and I raced as did all three of our boys.   At most of the yacht clubs you see Boston Whalers and Inflatable RIBs for safety, course support boats, and rescue boats. Many sailors across the country have grown up with Boston Whalers supporting Sailing Junior Programs and supporting yacht club sailboat racing programs.  Many sailors buy Boston Whalers when they buy power boats.”
Jason: “I have seen that first hand….it seems like its more “ok” to buy a Whaler if you are a sailor than any other brands! What drew you to the Whaler brand?”
Al: “ Reputation, safety, design, ride, and resale”
Jason: “You guys are running out of dock of the bay now right? Whats your favorite part of being there?”
Al: “ I think that Dock of the Bay has a nice family atmosphere and a great location downtown.  You can walk up to West Marine or to any of the great restaurants and bars downtown.”

Al and Mary at the helm!

Jason:  “ You guys used to use the powerboat for Kyles regattas, what do you use it for mostly now?”
Al: “ The original Whalers were used to watch all three of our son’s racing activities.  We could watch their races on the water and provide course support and safety activities.  We went to the ILYA Junior Bay Week at PIB for more than 15 years supporting the boys.”
Jason: “A man has to have his toys! Speaking of Toys, did you get the Corvette yet!?!”
Al: “ I plan to order a 2017 in June!”
Jason: “That sounds like a pretty awesome ride! I am JEALOUS!”
Al: “ I have had many Camaros, Firebirds, and Corvettes over the years. Most with performance engines and manual transmissions. “

Kyle and friends goofing off on the bow!

Jason: “Thanks for rubbing it in! I think the next toy should be the newly designed 280 Outrage! We take trades!”
Al: “ The Outrage 280 would be a great upgrade for us.”
Jason: “How long have you worked for Gm? I believe you have since I have known you for sure?”
Al: “ In June 2016 I will have 45 years with GM    I am the Plant Manager at General Motors Parma     ( Cleveland) ” 
Jason: “Maybe the 280 Outrage would be the right retirement boat!?!”
Al: “ A new Corvette and an Outrage 280 would be perfect !”

Kevin and Wife Narlu in the bow off the lighthouse!

Jason: “If this weather ever turns…I may be able to get your 220 delivered to you before June!”
Al: “I sure hope so”
Jason: “I think we got our Spring in winter and our winter is coming in Spring! As long as Summer stays Summer we will be ok! Thanks again for chatting with me today, lets pray for some boating weather!”
Al: “No problem Jason!”

Kyle at the helm off Cedar Point!

Thanks for reading this weeks customer profile. As always, if you are a Clemons customer and you would like to be featured…JUST ASK! Spring has sprung here at Clemons Boats and we are full on in this rate race we call re-launches. Let us know how we can help, we will do our best to upgrade your summer fun! Until next time….
See you on the water,

Jason Clemons

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